Know The Types Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Know The Types of Gastric Bypass Surgery


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Every eight from ten people are suffering from Obesity. It is one of the major causes of diabetes. Those people, who are work out with diet and exercise, but doesn t see any changes for them Gastric bypass surgery is the last option. In such weight loss surgery, person can able to decrease the size of stomach. With this surgery, morbid obesity is to be treated by minimizing the size of the stomach and bypassing a part of the small intestine. After going through this surgery, your stomach size will be decreased as a result, you will intake less food. Obesity can be minimized as intake food is cut down. Although a load of people are suffering from obesity but some people, who Body Mass Index (BMI) is fit for surgery can go through Gastric bypass surgery. Types of Gastric bypass surgery:

(1) Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery has two different types such as open gastric bypass surgery and laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. This surgery is named as Roux-en-Y as Y-shaped small intestine is joint with new small stomach. The lower part is isolated with the top part of stomach. After that, small intestine is cut near the jejunum in order to connect pouch. The lower portion of stomach is bypassed and the consumed food is entered into jejunum.


(2) Biliopancreatic Diversion Bypass Surgery

Biliopancreatic Diversion Bypass Surgery is well-known as extensive gastric bypass surgery, which is quite difficult and hardly performs on obese person. In such surgery, the lower portion of stomach is removed from the body. The pouch is created to join the rarest end of the small intestine. Patients may suffer from nutritional deficiencies after going through such surgery.

==> Advantages of Going through Gastric bypass surgery

==> It is noted that 70% of patients are stop taking medication for high blood pressure

==> Decrease in blood cholesterol

==> Problem of Respiratory are eliminated after this surgery.

==> Sleep Apnea Syndrome are reduced

==> Permanent weight loss

==> Acid Reflux Disease is reduced.

==> Risk of heart disease is reduced

After going through such surgery it is must for you to follow diet plan properly and must do regularly exercise. Patients will only get best result for long time, if they become health regimen. This surgery is last option of loss weight, so follow your surgeon s advice strictly, otherwise you have to face serious problem.Angeles Health is a Mexico s largest private hospital network, comprising of 24 state-of-the-art hospitals weight loss surgery totaling more than 2,000 beds and gastric bypass surgery rooms. Eleven thousand Angeles Health physicians treat nearly five million patients a year.Article Source: