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Understanding Currency Exchange

What is the Currency Exchange? Currency exchange, also known as foreign exchange (forex), refers to the global marketplace where individuals, businesses, and financial institutions buy and sell different currencies. It is the backbone of international trade and global businesses as it helps to facilitate transactions between different countries. At the heart of all this activity […]

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Forex Trading Secrets

Here’s An Opinion On: Learn To Trade Submitted by: Jacob Coroner Forex trading has been in existence since the 1870’s when the first gold standard monetary system was set up. This was basically a system devised when each country placed a value on a portion of their currency against an ounce of gold. It is […]

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Us Durable Goods Orders Forex Trading Update

Here’s An Opinion On: Best Trading Platform US Durable Goods Orders – Forex Trading Update by fxsolutions Joseph Trevisani, Chief Market Analyst at leading Forex trading broker FX Solutions (, provides a report of US Durable Goods Orders on 28th September. \”Orders for goods designed to last more than three years fell slightly in August […]

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