Digital Locker Locks

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Digital Locker Locks are the new and convenient locks for lockers. They provide all the advantages of traditional locks security, easy access, quick access but without physical keys that can be lost. The four digit combination is easy to use and input. Now users in schools, universities, country clubs, spas, fitness centers, public facilities, corporate fitness centers, ball parks, professional sports facilities, and other facilities can easily and quickly secure and access their possessions.

Typically a locker is either shared or assigned (rented) to a specific user. They are called shared use or assigned lockers and the Digital Locker Locks will function in the same manner for all lockers. Shared use lockers are meant to be shared by more than one user during the day. Each user will lock and unlock his/her locker with a self selected four digit number. When the locker is vacated the user simply leaves the door open for the next user. In the event that the user locks the locker with his/her four digit code after leaving the facility, management can easily unlock the lock with a manager bypass key. Assigned (rented) lockers function is a similar manner but usually only one user is occupying the locker during the day.


The Digital Locker Locks have a number of attractive features. They all feature a 1/2 or 3/8 inch deadbolt that securely latches the door to the locker frame and guards against break-ins. In addition, the locks have a usage indicator, a low battery indicator, a tamper guard, and a programmable automatic unlock. Other options are available such as an audit trail and card activation. And of course, the biggest feature is that there are no keys to lose or replace.

The Digital Locker Locks also include a manager bypass key. This bypass key is used when the locker has been locked by a user and he/she has left or forgotten the combination. The bypass key will also provide external power in the event that the internal lock batteries are not working. The internal power is provided by four premium AA batteries and their user life is expected to be 3-5 years or up to 15,000 user operations. In addition, ADA user keys can be supplied for users with disabilities. These keys work by simple insertion and do not require any tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist. It should be noted that current federal guidelines require that public schools must have at least five percent of their lockers ADA compliant. These locks and their ADA user keys can be an important component for school administrators.

The Digital Locker Locks are built using the latest technology and offer a sleek and sturdy styling. The most popular finishes are brushed nickel and brushed brass and the lock can be offered with or without a pull lever. Several color and design options are available to assist the facility manager in creating a unique design. These locks are elegant and durable and significantly reduce traditional locker maintenance costs over their lifetime. Their durability has been proven in thousands of installations. And finally, facility owners and managers can easily upgrade and retrofit their existing lockers with digital locker locks. Virtually all locker designs will accept these locks.

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