Mayun Said That We Can Display Everything In The Sunshine

By Himfr Mary

April 27, dragons in hangzhou for the public and market industry headquarters of comprehensive interpretation dragons anti-fakes problem. Alibaba founder jack ma, chairman, dragons, said “we candid exchange, everything can be in the sun.”

Mr Ma said, the network economy developed, anti-fakes from disorderly to orderly, unconscious, in the development towards conscious may encounter during problem, but dragons never give up.

Input half human help consumers

According to the dragons internal data, taobao has more than 2000 people full-time anti-fakes rights team, to clean out treasure 43 employees into almost 50% calculated, human to help consumers, for the largest consumer rights group.

In addition, dragons have established the 2,400 who have a striking the scale of mysterious network volunteer teams, 24 hour develop anti-fakes auditing work.

According to understand this year, dragons into 200 million yuan of disappear of fund established, cooperate fully with the ministry of commerce, the administration of industry and commerce, nine ministries such as the aqsiq makes false members-only activities that buys. As long as the judge the consumer isn’t fraud, every customer service personnel can taobao within 300 yuan decides the consumption compensation.

At present three ways to clean out treasure through check whether, first is related to the seller of goods by the machine automatically price under abnormal plane, followed by artificially 24 hours in search, once again, is a commodity page report “button”.


By these means, last year, dragons handled 14m pieces, infringing goods 6000 many brands, with holder directly from page teamed up to delete the tort merchandise 564-571 formule million. Last year, taobao trade disputes, less than six PPM incidence of which 97% of the disputes are tackled, let consumer satisfaction, “this number is far less than traditional market,” Mr Ma said.

E-commerce is hitting fake best way

26 published data also shows, dragons year-round consumers to accept and process, including more than 216 million cases of consumer rights 1.69 billion yuan amount of success.

“Protect the false, not at dragons all fake were exposure at transparent platform beneath it. Dragons CFO zhang yong said, “by technical means, more treasure grate and consumer supervision, artificial omni-directionally strangulation society fake.”

Mr Ma said, getting platform tort incident occurred frequency far below the traditional market. In the offline, because all sorts of problems, ShouJiaZhe often can “play a gun change a place”, it is difficult to find offender. But in taobao, because all of the transaction information are related records, most ShouJiaZhe can leave traces of more or less.

Offline information opaque, rights protection, high cost and time-consuming and costly, complaints add “who advocate who proof of rights, let consumer flinch.

“Getting ready in tracked who may be related to solve the optimal scheme of Chinese fake.”

In taobao, because all of the transaction information are related records, most ShouJiaZhe can leave traces of more or less. Offline, consumer can be compared to 24 hours at any time through network and inquires the complaint reporting rights progress.

Taobao also launched a hyper shopping security service, consumers in taobao shopping appear disputes, dragons will give first mat compensate. Taobao in 2009 also introduced “buyers appeal and sellers evidence” system, ordered relevant sellers undertake “evidence” responsibility.

Mr Ma said, through e-commerce platform, originally decentralized anti-fakes force is gathered, originally unordered anti-fakes impulse is becoming orderly anti-fakes rational, emerging e-commerce never norms is gradually toward norms.

Whether million vendors, or hundreds of millions of consumers, “in taobao, all become consciously self-discipline, active spontaneously maintain integrity. This is better than any accused command and strong frame stress is more for good faith, true, also more health.” Ma3 yun2’s the truth, dragons don’t allow any earmarking, “the good faith is wealth, faithless namely destroyed” only in taobao network shopping platform, can be realized.

Thank nine ministries may combating offline fake source

The news briefing spot in 27, taobao aspects has repeatedly stressed, a mature enterprises and commercial society, must have strong sense of social responsibility, honesty and moral standards. And “integrity must rely on the depth of the legislation and law enforcement, rely on market intervention with the seller, the buyer is market and self-discipline constraints the result of the interaction of collaborative platform.

Dragons platform not only national legislation cooperate actively with the advancement of civil rights enforcement deeply, the more provide transparent rights system prompted all trade both parties consciously honest, open strategy makes the whole e-commerce market and e-commerce colleague to participate in the construction of taobao platform.

Ma3 yun2’s the truth, “dragons and not as indulgent like accused shoddy, and, on the contrary, this platform has brought not only cheap market, the more greatly accelerated the credibility system construction of China’s economy in the process.”

According to reporter understanding, in the absence of credibility environment, dragons have taken many striking the first civil rights action. Through the first guarantee transactions, credit evaluation system, consumer protection plan, and in such fundamental measures add search rules service quality factors, such as joint brands strike fake to constantly compression technical measures, online dishonest behaviors of living space.

Mr Ma says, thanks to nine ministries will pay attention to fake problems, and has hit with dragons linkage with offline fake source, and has made some achievements. The competent departments at various levels and hope next together hand in hand, let the new economic model shop that can develop better.

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