Music: The Evolution Of Change Due To The Digital Era

Music: The Evolution Of Change Due To The Digital Era


Seth Frank

The war between vinyl and digital records continues to be a fiery debate among music lovers. While most individuals who grew up hearing Beatles vinyl tracks will say that vinyl sounds better, the newer generation who grew up listening to CDs and MP3s will say that it s digital. Of course both music mediums have their followers, and no matter which you prefer, it is mainly because of your personal interest; however, one thing is certain: the digital music wave has and continues to change the industry for everyone.


With the assistance of digital music, users could make personalized CDs from their music libraries, which they could not do with any other medium before. When file sharing technology came into existence during the start of the digital revolution, you had to select entire CDs to listen to one of your favorite songs, but with the advancement of technology, you can order songs individually. With the aid of a computer and a digital music store such as iTunes, users can buy songs and create a customized playlist on a CD filled with music that a user wants, instead of unwanted songs he may not enjoy.


If you decided to alter the playtime of a song, you can modify the start and stop times to begin a song at the delayed time you wish, making it better to hear the music you want. Digital songs also make it possible to select the decibel level you hear the song at, giving people more flexibility to modify a song to the correct sound level to suit the song.


Before digital songs,

record albums

had to be carried around or set in one area of the house, often using up lots of space. Digital music is compressed and saved on your computer, making it possible to hold and contain thousands of songs on one hard drive. Since music is compressed, songs eat up only megabytes of memory on a Gigabyte or Terabyte hard drive. Compressed audio also made it possible for MP3 devices to come into existence, allowing individuals to keep portable music players in their pockets packed with hundreds of thousands of digital songs.

Cloud Technology

Technology continues to transform and so does the way users listen and store their music. Digital music makes it possible to store music on a hard drive, but now cloud technology made it possible to do so on a wireless server that gives people the opportunity to keep music and documents. With cloud technology, people upload music, documents and videos onto a remote server that acts as a wireless hard drive that users can get to at any time on most devices, such as a laptop, phone or MP3 player. Computer companies continue to invest in the technology, pushing individuals towards using it for storing and listening to music.

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