My Ex Girlfriend Keeps Calling Me What Does It Mean?}

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Not all breakups mean the end of the line. If your ex girlfriend is calling and contacting you after the end of the relationship, it could be a sign that she’s emotionally confused… or even interested in getting back together.

Did your girlfriend break up with you but she keeps calling? This can be a pretty confusing situation, especially since she’s the one who broke things off. It’s hard enough to know what’s going on in a girl’s mind, but once she’s dumped you the mixed signals can get even more cryptic.

If you were the one who ended the relationship, your ex is calling for a very obvious reason: she still wants to continue the relationship. It’s up to you to determine whether or not you still want to see her, but anything romantic will only lead her on.

That said, if your girlfriend was the one who broke things off? The fact that she keeps calling you is a very important indicator. It shows that your ex STILL has feelings for you… despite everything else she might say or do right now.

Any time a girl is completely finished with a relationship, she’s going to walk away. She’ll break all ties and disconnect from her boyfriend in such a way that communication won’t even be an option. But when a girl just isn’t sure what she wants to do? She’ll try to keep in touch… and keep you hanging on, just in case.

Your ex girlfriend keeps contacting you because you’re her safety net. Although she’s broken up with you, it’s nice to know you’re still there. Although she keeps refusing your advances, she still wants you to stick around in the event that she changes her mind.

An even worse scenario? “Let’s be friends.” Offering to stay friends with you after breaking things off is such a complete line of total crap. You’d be foolish to continue any sort of platonic relationship with a girl you’re still in love with, especially if you’re trying to win your girlfriend back. Because the longer you stay friends with her? The harder it will be to ever date her again.

If you’re sitting around asking: my ex girlfriend keeps calling me, what does it mean? Well, you already know what it means. In short, the emotional bonds you had while dating are still there for her. She might be denying them right now, but she’s also looking for an excuse to see and be with you again.

You have to tread very carefully in a situation where your ex keeps contacting you. It doesn’t matter what she says during these conversations, but it does matter what YOU say and do.

Still want your girlfriend back? If so, it’s time to be proactive about the break up. There are methods you can use to regain her interest, and techniques you can apply that will make your ex miss you again. These are especially helpful in the event you haven’t gotten to the point where your ex is calling to talk to you.

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