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Submitted by: Stewart Wrighter

There is nothing more important to the career of a model than an agency. An agency is the vital link between models and the world of retail and fashion. Modeling is vast and varied, however, and there are different agencies for every sort of model imaginable. Agencies that cater to plus size models, commercial models, editorial print models, male models, female models and promotional models are all out there, as well as those which sign a general selection of models for various types of modeling. The modeling world will no doubt offer up an agency that is right for your needs.

Your career goals should match up to the types of jobs a particular modeling agency can provide for you. When deciding which agencies to visit, consider the ones that offer the types of modeling gigs you want. If you want to do runway work, you need to find an agency that can line up those kinds of jobs. A plus size model needs to find an agency that represents plus size models. If the type of modeling you are capable of doing is highly specialized, it will be in your best interest to find the agency suited to that type of modeling. If you are a plus sized model signed at some other sort of agency, you may find that the agency cannot get you as many jobs as you want. An agency that does not specialize in plus size models may push their models to lose weight, which may make for a stressful working environment.


Begin your search for a modeling agency by looking for agencies suited to your future career. Seek out models in your local area, be they friends or friends of friends, and see if you can acquire some referrals. Referrals are actually the best way to find an agency; the highest praise for an agency is that it is keeping its models happy.

Outside of referrals, you want to be sure that the agency you choose is a legitimate one. You may be surprised how many scammers are out there. Agencies looking for models via the classified section or those advertising their services should be called into question. Agencies typically do not have to look very hard to find models. There is a great deal of wannabe models in the world, therefore models are usually the ones who seek out agencies, not the other way around. Legitimate agencies see so many walk-ins that they hardly have a reason to advertise their services.

You need to have professional photographs of yourself taken prior to submitting an application at an agency. The professional shots should then be attached to your resume, and these can be mailed or dropped off at your local agencies. To better the odds of getting signed, send your resume out to at least three different agencies more if you have determined there are that many in your region that would be able to provide you with steady jobs. Do not appear at an agency in person until you know that it is holding a casting call at a specific date and time.

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