Toyota Regains Top Seat In Car Sales

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General motors which was in the top position in auto sales has recently again been dethroned by Toyota motors. Once again now Toyota is on the top position in car sales. When the statistics of car sales come on to highlights for the year of 2012, it was seen that general motors is lagging behind from Toyota Company.

Where the car sales rate of general motors company is at 9.29 million, Toyota Motor Company has sold over 9.7 million cars & trucks in the year of 2012. With such high sales for the company, Toyota has retaken the top seat from the general motors company again.

It is also true that both the companies like General motors & Toyota is taking the lead in selling cars world wide. But what was notifying that with new exclusive models like Toyota Camry, Toyota came up on the scale & leave general motors back. General motor company s management are also praising that in 2013 they will have a good growth especially in United States.


According to general motors it is not important that who wins the sales race because there is no race like that. But they want to see their sales growth because winning a crown makes the employers happy morally. This kind of boost encourages them to work more efficiently for the company.

General motors as a car selling company has been in the top seat in the past years. But in 2008, suddenly it lost its top crown to the Toyota Company, which is an Asia company & has grabbed a large share of Asian consumers through their cars. Even the company has lots of consumers in European & United States markets.

After 2010, General motors came back on its position when Toyota had to lag behind because of the tsunami in Japan. The disaster had a hard impact on Toyota Company & since from then in 2011, Toyota recorded drop in its global sales. So in 2011, general motors was wearing the crown of top selling car companies. No sooner than in one year, Toyota has regained their lost position gain in 2012.

According to senior vice president of forecasting for LMC Automotive, a Detroit-area industry forecasting firm, Jeff Schuster- Toyota s comeback from the earthquake, and flooding in Thailand, is only part of the story, The company also has freshened up its stale midsize sedan, the Camry, the top-selling car in the United States.

Where in worldwide market, the sales rate of general motors cars rose up to 2.9%, there in just USA the sales rate of cars from Toyota motor company rose up to 22%. The leading position that is now held by Toyota Company is expecting to be static by the Toyota company agents as they are now coming up with a new compact set of corolla series.

In this new race of position, general motors is also not far behind; they are also a strong contender with their new launches of Volkswagen. In 2012, the record sales rate of 9.1 million was accounted from Volkswagen.

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