What Is Tele Handlers?

What is Tele Handlers?


Mac Anderson

Tele Handlers are machinery equipment / vehicles that are used in industries like construction or agriculture. Although this piece of equipment resembles a forklift in both appearance and in the way that it works, it is actually closer to a crane that it is to a forklift. The versatility of the machine comes from the fact that it operated on a single arm that is also called a telescopic boom that can extend itself forwards from or upwards from the vehicle to which it is attached.

Attachments for Tele Handlers

Like other machinery, this one too has various attachments that it can be used with. However the most commonly used one is probably what is known as a palate fork. The palate fork has one primary use. It is very similar to the forklift in that they are both used to move heavy objects from place to place with a particular area or site. However a palate fork comes in handy when a forklift can no longer carry out the task at hand because of constraints like accessibility etc. A tele handler is most commonly used for moving cargo from a ground level to a higher one within limit.


Advantages and limitations

The strangeness of Tele Handlers lies in the fact that the biggest advantage that it possesses is also its biggest drawback or limitation. Let us examine this statement a little closer. When the arm of a tele handler extends forward to raise a load of the ground, there is a tendency for the entire machine to tip forward even though the weight of the machine itself has been designed in such a way that it is supposed to balance the arm. This aspect limits the tele handler s ability to lift loads that are greater than a certain weight.


Tele Handlers are widely manufactured by construction equipment companies the world over. Every major brand of construction equipment and machinery will definitely have a tele handler amongst their product. While they all offer the same function, they might differ slightly in a few of the aspect to give their product a marketing edge over the others in the market.

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