Top Shipping Options For Moving Abroad

byAlma Abell

Moving house is always a large ordeal, and moving internationally even more so. As well as your airline and where you are going to live, you will also need to consider how you will move your possessions to a new country, particularly if you are moving overseas. This quick guide will explain to you the options and help you decide which one to choose:

1. Moving Companya


If you are moving within the Americas, international moving companies such as Armstrong Relocation – Dallas is probably your best option. Since airlines charge by weight, it is expensive to send large packages by air but moving them by road is much more affordable.

2. Shipping

If delivery by truck isn’t possible, you will have to choose between air and sea freight. This can be another tough choice to make. Universal Cargo says that it all depends on whether you need speed or to save money. Air transport is more expensive and calculated by weight but is much faster. Sea freight saves a lot of money but depending on distance, it can take months for shipments to arrive.

3. Do it Yourself

This is a great cost saving method, transporting possessions either in a U-Haul, a rented truck, or even using an airline’s baggage allowance, which can be as high as 30kg per bag on some airlines. The downside is that it is much more limiting and only works for small loads. You may have to leave a lot of things behind or repurchase them in your new country. If you have a larger load or are more concerned with safety, consider using international moving companies instead.

While there are several options for international haulage and each one has their own advantages and disadvantages, looking into all of them and deciding on which one is best for your move will ensure all your possessions reach your new home so you can begin your new life.